Europe Jazz Media Chart

Februar 2020

Jan Granlie, salt-peanuts.eu

Jon Rune Strøm / André Roligheten: ARV, Stone Floor

All the way this is beautiful music. Good and well-considered improvisations around more standardized Norwegian folk tunes, and an interaction that works brilliantly. It never happens that they try to make folk music “artificial” jazz related. But instead, they incorporate Hilmar Alexandersen and Karl Johansen Rosenberg’s eternal tunes into an improvisational landscape that they master to their fullest. In the songs for which they are responsible, they go a bit further “out” in the free-jazz-like style, and create good and delicious moods, so that the record is wonderful and various.
This record has been around for a few weeks in my player. I’ve picked it up a number of times during the Christmas holiday and played it while the sour wind has ruled outside the windows here in Copenhagen. Every time I’ve put on the record, the heat has come. And that’s something that not happens every time you put on a record.


Christine Stephan, JAZZTHETIK

Carla Bley / Andy Sheppard / Steve Swallow: LIFE GOES ON, ECM


Viktor Bensusan, jazzdergisi.com

Joey Alexander: WARNA, Verve

Joey is incredible in every sense, all you have to do is just listen to this 16-year-old musician from Indonesia...


Henning Bolte, Written in Music

Carla Bley / Andy Sheppard / Steve Swallow: LIFE GOES ON, ECM


Magnus Nygren, OrkesterJournalen

Peter Brötzmann: I SURRENDER DEAR, Trost


Cim Meyer, Jazz Special

Peter Rosendal With The Orchestra & Trio Mio: TRICKSTER, Stunt


Lars Mossefinn, Dag og tid

Tim Berne's Snakeoil: THE FANTASTIC MRS. 10, Intakt


Matthieu Jouan, citizenjazz.com

Claude Tchamitchian Trio: POETIC POWER, Emouvance

A very ethereal trio, with constantly lyrical compositions by bass player Claude Tchamitchian, who keeps on impressing by his musicality, his sense of staging and his artistic choices, like this trio with saxophonist Christophe Monniot and drummer Tom Rainey.


Axel Stinshoff, Jazz thing

Charles Lloyd: 8 KINDRED SPIRITS (Live From The Lobero), Blue Note


Luca Vitali, Giornale della Musica

Christian Wallumrød Ensemble: MANY, HUBRO


Madli-Liis Parts , Muusika

Kristjan Randalu – Dave Liebman: MUSSORGSKY PICTURES REVISITED, BMC Budapest


Paweł Brodowski, Jazz Forum

Piotr Damasiewicz & Power Of The Horns Ensemble: POLSKA, Astigmatic

It is surprising that for Piotr Damasiewicz & Power of the Horns Ensemble, which was launched to high acclaim ten years ago, Polska is only its second release, following the concert album Alaman six years ago. Unbelievable as it sounds, the preparation and research for this inspired album took the trumpet playing leader a 4,000 km walking pilgrimage through several countries, with 100 solo concerts in 100 temples. The music was recorded in 2018 in a Warsaw studio. The instrumentation is made up of trumpet, three saxes, trombone, piano, two basses and drums. The nonet includes such stellar musicians as Maciej Obara on alto sax and Dominik Wania on piano.


Mike Flynn, Jazzwise

Jz Replacement Featuring Tim Lefebvre: DISRESPECTFUL, Rainy Days


Anna Filipieva, Jazz.Ru

Live People Ensemble: HIGH WATER, Fancy Music

Deep, dark, emotionally rich, and intellectually rewarding: the new work by Moscow-based pianist-composer Natalya Skvortsova and her Live People Ensemble, reinforced by two equally prolific improvisers, Pavel Skornyakov on alto and Yury Sevastyanov on tenor sax, the rock solid bassist Daria Chernakova, and the versatile drummer Petr Ivshin.